10 Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks Reviews 2019

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Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

The kitchen sink is no doubt an essential part in any kitchen and definitely the one that would be constantly in use during the whole day. So, when you have to decide on various kinds of sinks and feel ambiguous what you should buy, then take a pause and think about it calmly.

Stainless steel is consistently one of the most popular materials for kitchen sinks, and for good reason. When it comes to cleaning habits and durability with a range of affordable options, it’s king.



​​#1 Kraus KBU14E​

​#2 Kraus KHF200-33

​​#3 Kraus KHU100-30​

​​#4 Kraus KHU102-33

​​#5 Ruvati RVH8000​


​​#1 Kraus KBU14E​

​#2 Kraus KHF200-33

​​#3 Kraus KHU100-30​

​​#4 Kraus KHU102-33

​​#5 Ruvati RVH8000​

​#1 Kraus KBU14E Outlast MicroShield Scratch-Resist Stainless Steel Undermount Single Bowl Sink

This Kraus Premium stainless steel sink comes in a single bowl design as is structured as an under-mount kitchen sink that provides a seamless countertop. The clean and smooth finishing adds to the modern looks in any kitchen that needs and up-gradation and a new look.

The thick 16G SS sink make sure there is no noise in your kitchen while you are working with the utensils in it because it is soundproofed and has a protective undercoat that absorbs sound waves easily for giving a quite sink you need.

The sink is capable of resisting daily scratches and may not get affected by the daily usage as it comes with a micro-shield that protects the surface from getting damaged.

The dent resistant construction makes it better than the other sinks available on the market. It comes s with free accessories to help you put it together and install without any need of further things to help in install the way it needs. It comes with a bottom grid, basket strainer, and a cotton dish towel by Kraus.

The sink is deep enough to keep all essentials easily and will not be a hassle to manage within it. The extra tough steel makes sure the sink will not get a dent or any kind of bump and is also able to resist rusting process due to the presence of micro-shield.

The surface is easy to clean and keeps it well-maintained after use without leaving water-spots and stains on it.

 Along with the tremendous features that are valuable for all customers, the sink also comes with top-notch customer service and lifetime warranty for a reliable and long-lasting performance of the sink.


  • check
    ​Made of high-grade, thick stainless steel
  • check
    ​Rust and dent resistant
  • check
    ​Noise dampening rubber pads for a quite kitchen
  • check
    ​Easy cleaning corners
  • check
    ​9 inches deep for better utensils accommodation
  • check
    ​Micro-shield for extra surface protection against rust and scratches


  • ​Water drainage not too efficient

#2 Kraus KHF200-33 33-inch Farmhouse Apron Single Bowl 16-gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Fine-finished, well-designed and long-lasting Apron sinks are the most desired type of kitchen accessories that are suitable for both traditional and trendy kitchen that need a neat and tidy contemporary touch.

This is at-304 stainless steel sink that is sturdy enough to withstand dents and scratches. The sink has been designed to give a quiet utility as it is insulated to reduce sound vibrations and noise.

The thick rubber pads absorb sound waves and keep it quiet enough. In addition to that the stone guard coating makes it sturdier and stronger for reduced chances of getting damaged or rusted.

The 16G steel provides a durable structure that withstands daily usage quite easily. There are three different mounting options including the under-mount, top-mount and flush-mount. So it is quite easier to install no matter which type of kitchen counter and sink installation option you have in your kitchen.

It offers 3.5 inches drain opening just as the other stand sinks offers and an apron front that is given the perfect design with handcrafted details so that you get a masterpiece in the form of a reliable kitchen sink.

Though, due to the Apron front design, you might need some modification in your kitchen counter to get the sink installed properly.

The wear resistant resilient finish offers durability and long-lasting shine and smoothness even after use. The sink is resistant to corrosion and rust so you don’t have to worry about its durability and lasting shine and structure.

Accommodating size and design with well-placed grooves on the base make it easier to drain water from the sink leaving it dry and clean.


  • check
    ​Well-designed and skillfully crafted
  • check
    ​Efficient and quick water drainage
  • check
    ​Basket strainer, base grid and sink cutout for installation is provided
  • check
    ​Easy to clean surface
  • check
    ​Smooth long-lasting satin finish


  • ​Requires cabinet adjustment for installation

​#3 Kraus KHU100-30 30-inch Standart PRO 16 Gauge Undermount Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

This 30-inch single bowl stainless steel kitchen sink is one of the most well-constructed under-mount kitchen sinks that assure durability and sturdiness. The satin finished sink provides scratch free, smooth surface that is capable to resist the daily scratches quite easily.

T304 SS construction provides dent resistant surface that is not affected by the most common impact on it. So the 16 gauge SS means its 1.5mm thick and that offers strong and durable construction for a long-lasting use.

The accommodation of the utensils is also made extra-class by providing a deep bowl that assures to let your pots and plates stacked easily into the sink without letting the mess spread in your kitchen and avoids splashes and spills easily.

The surface of the sink has been given a smooth, rust-resistant finish that keeps it satin smooth and is very easy and quick to clean. The sink is provided by the NoiseDefend technology with the help of which the sound guard coating offers thick pads and creates a soundproof surface to avoid awful utensil noise while washing in the sink.

The soundproofing pads absorb sound waves hence you get quieter cleaner kitchen without compromising on style.

The sink fits 33 inches cabinet and has a 10 inches deep bowl to accommodate all your utensils. Its scratch resistant surface and easy to clean construction makes it perfect for all kitchen needs.

The specialized base grooves towards the drain make it easier to get rid of water in a quick manner and leave the sink dry.

The sink is equipped with the standard sized 3.5 drainage which offers easier water flow to the drain. In addition to that, it also comes with the basket strainer set of 3, dish grid for the sink bottom, Krause towel for the kitchen use, all the necessary hardware, cutout for sink installation, and lifetime warranty to support client’s needs.


  • check
    ​Easy to clean
  • check
    ​Rust and scratch resistant
  • check
    ​Dent resistant 16 gauge SS
  • check
    ​NoiseDefend technology
  • check
    ​Deep bowl
  • check
    ​Comes with all necessary accessories


  • ​Drain parts maybe messy

​#4 Kraus KHU102-33 Standart PRO 33-inch 16 Gauge Undermount

For a heavy-duty home use, people may need to get a double bowl sink. This Kraus Standart under-mount stainless-steel sink comes with a 50/50 bowl design. The sink is well-design to provide durability and resistance to most of the damaging factors that may affect sink surface in anyways.

The sink consists of T304 SS material that is TRU16 meaning that the 16 gauge thickness will always assure durable and strong construction. The strong body keeps the sink away from dents and scratches with its matchless construction.

The resilient, well-designed, smooth satin finished surface keeps the sink away from problems like rust and corrosion.

Just like other Kraus sink, this also comes with the Noise-defend non-toxic soundproofing pads that make sure to provide soundproofing in a way that you will never have to hear annoying noise in the sink. The rubber pads absorb all the noise making your kitchen quiet and trendy.

The sink is perfect for multi-tasking and keeps your kitchen mess free with the 10 inches deep bowl as it accommodates all the necessary utensils without any mess on your countertop. In addition to that, the perfectly designed base makes it easier to drain the water and debris. The corners and the whole sink surface is easy to clean and keep it dirt free.

The sink also is accessorized with free and useful installation accessories including 2 dish grids, kitchen towel, drain components, and basket strainer.


  • check
    ​Easy to clean
  • check
    ​Durable and well-designed
  • check
    ​Dent and rust resistant
  • check
    ​NoiseDefend soundproofing system
  • check
    ​Scratch free surface
  • check
    ​Double bowl for multitasking


  • ​May not resist deep or strong scratches

​#5 Ruvati RVH8000 Drop-in Overmount 33" x 21" Kitchen Sink 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Single Bowl

Ruvati has its own place when it comes to high-grade kitchen sinks. This one also comes with some of the most needed features that every customer might be looking for. This is easy to install a sink that can be used as a drop-in sink that needs little or no efforts to get it installed as its over-mount design support quick and easy installation on your kitchen counter.

The wide rim of the sink assures impeccable look on the counter whereas the 16 gauge premium grade stainless steel that is composed of chromium and nickel assure thicker and sturdier kitchen sink construction as compared to other sinks in the line. This makes sure that the sink is capable of resisting usual dents and would not be harmed easily.

The surface of the sink is finished perfectly to provide smooth brushed finished look offering scratch free sink for a long time use.

The sink is sound-proofed with the help of the thick rubber undercoating that keeps the noise to the lowest level. Hence you get a quieter kitchen with a suitable sink.

The bottom of the sink comes with a grooved design to make sure the water flows to the drain quickly and easily. Along with that, the zEdge corners gives a modern look to the kitchen as well.

The 10 inches deep bowl assure better and easier accommodation of the utensils so that no mess is there on the countertop.

It comes with the basket strainer, mounting accessories, rinse grid and cutout template for easier and quicker installation.


  • check
    ​Scratch-resistant brushed finished surface
  • check
    ​Durable and dent resistant
  • check
    ​Easy water and debris drainage to the drain
  • check
    ​Very easy to install
  • check
    ​Deep enough for all types of utensils and pots
  • check
    ​Sturdy and strong material and design


  • ​The corners are edgy so may not be easy to clean
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How to choose the right stainless steel kitchen sink?

Buying the best stainless steel sinks, is a time taking and important task. Anyone who is looking to remodel, restructure or revamp or build a new kitchen, does have some queries in mind regarding how and which kitchen sink would be the best. If you have made your choice regarding type of material you need and have decided on the stainless steel sink, then you surely have made a great decision. Now next steps that you’ll have to take are as follows:

Preliminary inspection about configuration and essential structural elements:

The first thing that you should be aware of for any kitchen sink, is its structural design and features and how it has been configured to bring ease and increase the efficiency of the user. You need to focus on the different aspect and see how the sink will set in and would it be an easy fit for your use or would require you to get used to its features.

Features like the width, the depth and the overall size should be looked at. You will have to choose according to the usage requirements. Also look at the configuration of tap holes and the garbage basket settings and the area needed to install.

After that, scrutinize your selected items and choose in following steps:

The gauge of the stainless steel sink

The gauge of the stainless steel sinks is very important and determines the durability and sturdiness of the sink. The gauge value of stainless steel sinks ranges fro 16 to 20 gauge. The lower the gauge value the thicker will be the steel used. Like if the sink has a gauge value of 16 then it would be better than the 18g sink. While 18 is thicker than the 20g sink. You should always go for a lower gauge value if you need a sturdy sink in your kitchen.


The first and foremost thing that you need to inspect is the exact size the sink possesses. It should be the best fit according to the place or shelf where the you need to install the sink. Always determine the overall size depending upon the place you have prepared or already have, for the sink, to be fixed. Because if you choose to buy a product that doesn’t match the size of the actual place, then you will be in a great trouble. Do keep in mind what size you prefer, you can either buy a small, medium or large sized sinks.

Commonly, kitchen cabinets and shelves have a height of about 32” to 42” and the width could be 25 to 26”. So you can choose a sink with a variable length and depth depending upon the nature of use. As, for example, if you need a sink for heavy usage, you’ll need a larger sink. While for just hand washing or washing vegetables, you can have a medium or small sinks installed in your kitchen.

Number of Bowls

The second step in choosing the right kitchen sink is the number of bowls that you need. You may want to have a single bowl sink, a double bowl sink or a triple bowl sink depending upon the place you have the accessories you need to install within or along your sink and also the nature of pots and objects you’ll be washing. Definitely a sink with more number of bowls would be larger in size and you should consider that, before you decide on any of the types.

In case you cannot decide which one you should buy, here are a few tips:

  • You should buy a single bowl sink for your kitchen when you have huge pots and dishes to be washed and need to have a wider more spacious sink to accommodate such pots and utensils.
  • In case you need to sort various objects into separate categories, then you may need to have two bowls available as a sink.
  • Additionally, if you have a habit to prepare your pots before these undergo washing and rinsing procedure, then having a third bowl is mandatory.

Bowl Orientation You should also look at the orientation the bowl of the sink has. Because the way it is positioned with reference to your handling and the dishwasher placement, matters a lot. If the bowl has been positioned on the same side where the dishwasher has been set in and you also feel easy to handle thing with the same hand side, like on the right hand side, then it is obvious that you will be able to handle things even more easily and efficiently.

Bowl Depth Bowl depth is also an important thing to consider while selecting a sink. As, if you have larger sized pots and dishes to be washed in your kitchen sink, then you must look for a deeper sink. Usually an average sink with a medium depth will range from 8- 10 inches. Where 8 inch depth, is the most appropriate value for a medium sized sink. In order to determine the depth of a bowl that is appropriate, you will have to consider three things:
  • The height of the kitchen cabinet,
  • The height of the person
  • and the pots that need to be washed.

You should decide about the depth according to these factors. As for a lower height cabinet, short heightened user and small utensils, it would be better to select a shallow sink.


The next comes the holes in the sink for taps and accessories you’ll be installing on the sink. You should look for the number of holes that are there in your shortlisted sink products. There can either be 1,2,3 or 4 holes for taps and accessories that can be installed on a sink.

Mounting Styles

The next important thing you need to look for is the mounting style. This refers to the capability of a sink to be fixed or mounted on the counter top or installed on the shelf. Kitchen sinks come in various styles with reference to the mounting styles. Like these can be:

Drop-in sinks

Drop-in sinks

Drop in sinks as the name indicates are installed in a very easy manner, they can be put onto the shelf that has been cut appropriately, according to the size of the sink. The sink can be put onto the pre-cut shelf to be fixed on. They come in two further variations, that are self-rimming and rimmed. The self rimming sinks can be fixed by just putting it on the shelf and fixing through clips or screws under the shelf. While the rimmed sinks can be fixed and the joint has a rim cover to conceal the joint and fix the sink properly.

Under-mount sinks


The under-mount sinks are installed under the counter top and give more neat and clear look. They are best, if you have concerns regarding the aesthetics in your kitchen. But you should not consider this type of sink, if you have laminated counter tops and as it would not cover the brinks and edges.

Tile in sinks

Tile-in sinks are best when you have a pre-made tiled surface to install the exact sized sink. This gives an excellent finish and interior to the sink. This is very easy to clean and can provide a very sophisticated look.

In addition to the above mentioned features and sink types, you may also need to have or install some sinks that have special features and functions to provide to the user. These include the following types:

Specialty Sinks

Bar A bar sink is the one that can be installed where there is no special settings for washing heavy duty pots or utensils. Rather, these sinks are made to assist or facilitate small washings tasks in rooms or places that are far away from the kitchen area.

Apron An apron sinks refers to the sink that is huge, deep and is installed in a way that doesn’t stop at the edge of the counter top. Rather, it has an open front.

Corner A corner sink would be the best where you need to manage washing tasks in an L shaped kitchen shelf or need to access sink from various side of the shelf in the kitchen.

Features to Consider

After, determining the types and necessary configuration of the sink required, you should also consider the following features to finalize your decision:

Drain Position Drain position is very important and should be considered for sure. As, for example, the best stainless steel kitchen sinks some with a drain settings on the rear side or at the back of the sink. Such a positioning of the drainage pipe enables the user to accommodate the garbage basket and containers easily, below the sink, in the cabinet area.

Plumbing Depth The overall depth of the kitchen sink is also important. As deeper sinks need more space and may hinder your way to keep your garbage cans. For that reason, you should prefer to select a medium deep sink.

Sound proofing Most of high quality sinks, come with a feature called sound proofing layer. It means the sinks has a solid layer on its posterior surface to give less noisy experience when the sink gets encountered with metal objects or utensils and will not give you any kind of disturbing sounds.

Accessories If you need accessories along your sink, then you may also look for custom cutting essentials and board, as well as soap dispensers or liquid dishwasher dispensers along the sink. The sink may come along these accessories or has the ability to accommodate such accessories easily. Also, you can look for added accessories like a multilayered sink drainage sieve or a sink guard in the form a a removable grill layer to avoid scratches and damages.


After discussing all the necessary aspect and features about the best stainless steel kitchen sinks,we are sure you are well prepared to make your decision easily. No matter which type of sink you prefer, and how you like it to be installed we have it, all covered. But it is for sure, that you will base your decision on the basis of your needs and the required type of sink. One most important thing that you should never compromise on, is the quality and durability of the material and the gauge of the steel being used. Price and aesthetics are secondary when you are selecting a product like a kitchen sink. Because convenience and durability are the main concerns along with other useful features.

So, you should make your decision wisely. And with a proper knowledge base, you will be able to find a best kitchen sink for your kitchen.

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