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Best Toilet Paper for Septic Tanks

The septic tank is one of the most important parts of a toilet. Here, all the waste and toilet paper you use every day come and stay, whether they could dissolve or not. These particles effect directly the durability of the septic tank. If you are using low-quality toilet paper which could not dissolve and instead of that, it accumulates time after time. This is absolutely not a good idea for the system.

To make your toilet last longer, you should choose an environment-friendly dissolvable toilet paper. This type of toilet paper could dissolve within a short period of time after being flushed into the septic tank and does not cause any problems to the tank in the long term.

Here we are going to introduce you top 5 best toilet paper ​for Septic Tanks 2019 available on the market that you could purchase for now.

​Top 5 Best Toilet Paper for Septic Tanks 2019​



​​1. Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper

​​2. Scott Extra Softa Toilet Paper

​​3. Member's Mark- Bath Tissue Ultra Premium

​​4. Cottonelle Mega Roll Toilet Paper

​​5. Angel Soft Toilet Paper

​1. Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper

The Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper could bring you the best bathroom experience with its super softness. This double roll toilet paper is approved by Roto-Rooter plumbers that it is clog-friendly and septic-friendly. It could dissolve within no time and it would not make your septic system clogged.

In addition, this 2-ply toilet paper is 75% more absorbent comparing to other products in the same sector. This means you could save much more paper than before.

Now let’s see which features of this toilet paper that customers like, and which ones they do not.

​2. Scott Extra Softa Toilet Paper

Here is another product from the Scott ComfortPlus – the Scott Extra Softa Toilet Paper. The item has been tested for strength using the Weight Catch Method, and it shows that the strength of just one single sheet is surprisingly much higher comparing to other products. This means that the sheet can absorb a large amount of water without being torn apart too quickly.

One more feature that I like about this soft and silky toilet paper is that it is not only sewer-friendly but also septic-friendly. So it will not require much time for the Scott Extra Softa Toilet Paper to break up once it is flush through your pipes into your septic tank.

Last but not least, this item is made of high-quality materials approved by Forest Stewardship Council.

Okay, that’s it for general features of the Scott Extra Softa Toilet Paper. To sum up, let me talk briefly about its pros and cons.

​3. Member's Mark- Bath Tissue Ultra Premium

The Member's Mark Ultra Premium Toilet Paper is always listed as one of the top-rated toilet papers on the market thanks to its various premium features. It offers customers the best experience with its just-right thickness and softness. This feature ensures the paper not to be torn apart right in your hand but on the way being flushed down to the tank.

It is made of a super absorbent and septic-friendly material which will not clog your toilet and totally safe for your septic tank.

In addition, the price of this Member's Mark Ultra Premium Toilet Paper is not too high compared to other items in the sector so everyone could afford for it. 

What’s about advantages and disadvantages of this bath tissue? Let me just list them shortly below.

​4. Cottonelle Mega Roll Toilet Paper

This list would not be completed if we do not mention this Cottonelle Mega Roll Toilet Paper. It is ranked as one of the most environment-friendly bath tissue that is highly recommended on the market. 

It has a just right thickness which is three times thicker than other products but it could offer the right softness at the same time. The paper and its silkiness allows you to treat your behind gently. It sounds amazing, right?

In addition, its CleanRipple Texture could help you to save more paper while cleaning. And just like other items mentioned above, this bath tissue is also sewer-friendly and septic-friendly. I guess you all know what this means. Yes, it means that the Cottonelle Mega Roll Toilet Paper will not clog your toilet in any ways and it is completely safe for your septic system.

But of course there are no perfect products. Each of them has its own pros and cons. Now let’s briefly enumerate which features making this one of the best toilet paper and which features of it does not satisfy some users.

​5. Angel Soft Toilet Paper

The last product I would like to recommend you is the Angel Soft Toilet Paper. Being created by a highly reputed brand, the paper surely has some significant features that could persuade customers to get one since the first glance.

The packages consists of 36 mega rolls in total which have 484 sheets for each.

Comparing to other low-quality toilet paper available on the market nowadays, one interesting thing about the material of the Angel Soft Toilet Paper is that it is not made from deforested non-replaced trees but from legally official sources that are approved by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Fiber Sourcing certification. Using this toilet paper, you are contributing into the environment saving process.

It is made of pulp fiber and does not has any additives causing allergic reactions to your skin. And it is also septic-friendly and sewer-friendly.

And now to give a summary of all these above, let me just pick out some significant features that distinguishes it from other toilet paper in terms of its advantages and disadvantages.

In conclusion

when choosing the right toilet paper for your bathroom, make sure you check out its material and the components it contains. After considering all of these toilet paper brands above, I would choose the Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper as the best toilet paper out of the list.

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