Best Toilet Paper 2019 – Reviews & Top Rated

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Know what? - Nearly 83,048,116 rolls of toilet paper are produced every day, and an average person spends $8,400 on toilet paper in their lifetime.

Toilet paper has become an inevitable item in our lives: for the bathroom; makeup removal; nose care; packing material; cleaning things; and…more! We mean buying toilet paper might cost more than you realize, especially for the whole family.

So, read this best toilet paper review before you jump on the purchasing part to save your money - and more importantly, to care for your skin, your health, and your Earth.

Have You Known How to Choose Best Toilet Paper?

Do not tell us that you just take around the supermarkets and take home dozens of on-sale rolls paper.

Unfortunately, many people do that without considering their skin type, the quality of materials, and the economical use of those toilet papers.

Next time, you should take some time to check the following first:

How often and for what you use toilet paper

In the form of soft tissue, toilet paper is mainly used to keep personal hygiene, particularly in the bathroom. People also utilize toilet paper to absorb the spill, remove dirt, clean things, or make crafts thanks to its lightweight and easy disposable nature, toilet paper is also utilized to

So frequently we use toilet paper that many people tend to buy several packages at a time. This not only makes your home messy with toilet paper rolls, here and there, but the paper also quickly gets moist over time.

You had better take a quick estimation of how many and how long your family uses up a roll. Then, only buy enough packages for a week or month. Toilet paper is available almost in every supermarket so you can buy it effortlessly if necessary.

Materials made of the paper

As you use toilet paper mostly for your skin, you should ensure it is from safe materials.

For those who might not know, toilet paper can be made from virgin or recycled paper mixed with water, bleaches, and chemicals. Some strong chemicals are in place to whiten the paper or to add a scent or color.

So, check the ingredients carefully to ensure that there are no toxic or harmful factors sensitive to your skin, especially that of your baby.

We recommend using toilet paper from recycled and chlorine-free content to reduce air pollution and water pollution.

The texture of toilet paper

Which surface to choose is also a good question. It also depends on your personal preference.

Some people like soft toilet paper since it is more absorbent. However, the too smooth paper might be easily torn down and end up with lint everywhere. Others have a preference for the coarse toilet paper though it is a bit more expensive.

Sizes of toilet paper rolls

There are different sizes of rolls to not only fit with the toilet paper holders at home but also help you use the paper more economically based on your purposes.

Regular - the cheapest: about 77 sheets and are usually double ply

Big: around 126 sheets – not quite double as thick as a regular roll.

Double: as the name, this toilet paper has about 140 sheets per roll.

Jumbo: a bit bigger than double rolls.

Triple: 3 times bigger than the regular rolls or about 210 sheets.

Supreme: Though this roll has three plies, it can fit all holders of the regular toilet paper thanks to its super silky smooth quality

Mega: About 300 sheets per roll. It is more economical but bulky

​3 Best Toilet Paper to Invest in 2019




​Quilted Northern Ultra Plush - Best Economical Toilet Paper

​Cottonelle Ultra Comfort - Best Absorbent Toilet Paper

​Charmin Ultra Strong Clean - Best Sized Toilet Paper

​Editor's Rating:

​4.1 / 5

Those wanting a soft and luxurious toilet paper while hating the lint to be messy all around, we suggest you give Quilted Northern Ultra Plush a try. This toilet paper is selling as quick as iced tea in the summer.

For good reasons:

A package of this toilet paper comes with 12 double rolls, each of which has 154 sheets - twice as large as the regular rolls. Nevertheless, the 3-layer ultra soft and comfort paper fits well with any standard holders.

Quilted Northern Ultra is a pocket-friendly choice as you will not have to take out excessive paper per use. Not to mention the sheet is double as the regular rolls. Thus, you can use one paper roll longer and save much money.

With a Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certification, the brand commits to logging practices of fiber, which protects the environment and your health.

However, the paper fails to dissolve in several customers’ test as its disintegration in the septic system is rated as “poor.”

Anyway, the quality of the paper and the comfortability on the skin is beyond the expectation when it comes to such a mid-priced product. It is the most economical toilet paper on the list.


  • ​Very soft and absorbent, but low-lint as well
  • ​Certified with Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI)
  • ​3-ply double rolls to use longer and save more


  • ​Poorly dissolvable

​Editor's Rating:

​3.7 / 5

Many people like very soft toilet paper whereas others like the strong feeling on the skin. If you are somewhere in between, then you might like the 2-ply Cottonelle Ultra Comfort.

This toilet paper has a CleanRipple Texture to ensure softness and absorbency. It is thick thanks to the cushiony-soft design per sheet. The toilet paper is noticeably more plush and comfortable. It also saves sheet per use, so you don’t have to change the roll frequently.

Another thumb up for this Ultra Comfort paper is the SafeFlush Technology to make the paper safe for sewer and septic system. Get rid of the clogged plumbing in no time!

The roll size and sheet size are what to complain. There are 136 sheets per roll, yet the size is one fourth smaller than the “normal” size, not to mention they are “double rolls.”

If they can fix the size, it will be better. If not, this brand still deserves a spot in the top 3 best toilet papers which gives a delicate feel to your skill while being strong enough to give off a luxurious cleaning.


  • ​The combination of ripple softness and comfortable thickness
  • ​Clean and robust on the skin


  • ​The abnormally small size of roll and sheet

​Editor's Rating:

​4.4 / 5

Charmin Ultra Strong Clean is the last on today’s list, but it is definitely not the least worthy for your money.

Coming at the Mega size, this toilet paper has 123 rolls and five-time more sheets per roll compared to the regular one. Besides, the washcloth-like texture technology provides a cleaner and stronger touch on your skin.

Instead of loading more squares at a time as the regular soft paper, you can use less paper with this product. Considering the prize and the numbers of sheets, Charmin Ultra Strong Clean turns out being cheaper than the two above.

Many customers also praise this toilet paper for its clog-free and septic-safe guarantee. Great!

However, the super big size can take more space in your bathroom and is hard to fit the standard toilet paper holder. In that case, some extra cost might come up.


  • ​Soft and absorbent to the skin
  • ​The larger size to use less and save more
  • ​Clog-free and septic-safe


  • ​Bulky size


All in all, be more considerative when choosing your toilet paper. This three best toilet paper review and the buying guide is in place to cut on your time and effort to search here and there, which might return you with confusion. If you find this post useful, please share it with others.