11 Types of Kitchen Faucets

In your kitchen, faucet and sink are the most utilitarian equipment. You have to deal with washing and cleaning all the time when you are working in the kitchen. In such a case, it is necessary that you have a faucet that is easy to maneuver. These faucets come in different finishes like Chrome Bronze … Read more

Best Kitchen Faucet Brands

I want to tell you about the top faucet brands making their strong presence felt in the year 2015. Let’s face it that every one of us goes through a very tough and a frustrating time if the faucet in our kitchen or rest room is not performing up to the mark. The leakage issues don’t … Read more

How to Install a Faucet Aerator

How to Install a Faucet Aerator Sink facets normally come with a fitted aerator whose purpose is to mix the flowing water with air. This is important because it prevents water from coming out with too much force and prevents splattering, hence saving you on consumption. Aerators can either be newly installed or as a … Read more

How To Clean A Kitchen Sink Faucet

How To Clean A Kitchen Sink Faucet   The kitchen sink is the most prone to accumulation of dirt and grease since they are used regularly. Sink faucets are even worse when it comes to the amount of dirt they collect after a long time of use. Unlike the sinks basins, kitchen faucets need cleaning … Read more

How To Choose A Kitchen Faucet?

When you think of the kitchen, the first thing that pops into your mind would be memories of food fun. It is that warm place in the house where mom cooks hearty meals, savory dishes, and sweet deserts. It is the place where all the good food that comes to the table comes from. Well, … Read more

How to tighten kitchen faucet

Kitchen faucets are available in a variety of types where the main challenge for the buyers is to find the high quality one.Some of the faucets look brilliant at a glance but when you actually use them, they are nothing more than disappointment for you. However, some quality faucet with time can show wear and … Read more