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American Standard is a brand which has been manufacturing quality bath faucets since years and s regarded as one of the best brands to select from. It offers you a host of models, each of which is unique in terms of quality as well as visual appeal.

Hygiene is extremely important for leading a better life. But how do you ensure hygiene if your faucet is itself dirty and does not work correctly? Not only does it kill the spirit of washing your hands and maintaining a hygienic habit, but is also an ugly sight in the washroom, particularly when your house is supposed to host guests at regular intervals. In order to end will your woes, American Standard has introduced a range of affordable faucets, that are extremely easy to operate and will also give your bathroom a touch of class. In order to prevent you from ransacking the stores and finding the best faucets by American Standard, we have listed some of the best and the trending hardware that is currently available in the market and are a favorite among the customers. Read on to find out who stands out the competition.



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American Standard Colony Soft Double- Handle Laundry Faucet


Bathroom use


American Standard Reliant 3 Bathroom Centerset Faucet


Bathroom use


American Standard Hampton Two-Porcelain Lever Handle Widespread Faucet


Bathroom use


American Standard Colony Soft Pull-down Kitchen Faucet


Kitchen use


American Standard Colony Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with 1.5 gpm Aerator


Kitchen use

Detailed Overview of the Top 5 American Standard Faucets

1. American Standard Colony Soft Double-Handle Laundry Faucet

  • The brilliant design that has been beautifully crafted, giving it a premium finish.
  • The brass-coated swing spouts that makes it easy to use and effortless too.
  • The swivel with filter technology that eliminates all the iron and impurities in water
  • The expert setup does not come by default with this product and you have to purchase it as an add-on.

Ø This faucet by American Standard currently dominates the market with its unique design and easy application. There are two Brass Swing Spouts available- one for the cold water and one for the outlet of hot water (connected with the heater/geyser). Both the outlets have been strategically placed to save the maximum amount of space on the entire faucet.

Ø The spacing too is small and intelligent to ensure that the faucet does not take up the entire basin-head, which can be used to otherwise store different cosmetic products. The application is extremely easy and the swings are effortless to use. The swivel mouth of the faucet is an intelligent design that has been beautifully crafted and with the active filter technology, it eliminates almost all the iron that comes in with the tap-water.

Ø The material is extremely durable and contact with water does no damage whatsoever. The coating has been firmly applied which ensures that no rust is formed no matter how much water have been splashed and thus makes it extremely durable. Its ceramic disc valving is the feature that lacks in most of the faucets, which ensures that there is no water dripping, and no water wastage. The ceramic disc does not hamper the flow of water in any way.

2. American Standard Reliant 3 Bathroom Centerset Faucet

  • The metallic handle lever with chrome finish gives it a brilliant touch.
  • Easy to set up with the fast install kit.
  • 3/8 hoses provided with the kit to ensure smooth compression connections.
  • Filters all the tap water and eliminates all the impurities, providing fresh water.
  • Extremely pricey for a tap of this category.
  • Expert setup has to be purchased separately.

Ø Another masterpiece by American Standard, this Reliant 3 Bathroom Centerset is actually reliable when it comes to quick washing. Unlike the previous model, this does not have any side swing pouts, but just a center control tap, which can be turned right to get the cold water supply and left to get the hot water supply. The benefit of having a Centerset is that the extra spaces on both the sides of the mouth of the faucet can be used to store different cosmetic products.

Ø The Centerset is also easy to use across all the platforms and looks stylish and modern too. The mouth of the faucet has been elegantly crafted to ensure maximum water output while washing. Though the force depends on the water level, this faucet will ensure that you only get the maximum water output since many customers have demanded a faucet where the flow of water should be high and maximum.

Ø The ceramic valve provides the best chrome finish, which is extremely appealing to the eyes if you have a big white marble basin, and also prevents the drops of water from dripping and getting wasted.

Ø The flexible hoses of 3/8 inches are provided with the kit and are essential for compression connections. The metal handle lever with chrome finish looks premium and the fast install kit ensures that it takes only a few minutes to get this faucet up and running. Though the expert setup is not provided, customers are very happy using this product, although they have complained it to be a little expensive, but completely agreed on the fact that this faucet is worth every penny spent after it and gives the bathroom a touch of class and elegance.

3. American Standard Hampton Two-Porcelain Lever Handle Widespread Faucet

  • The beautiful chrome finish paired with porcelain handle levers is easy to use.
  • The filter that is attached by default with the mouth of the faucet to clear all the impurities.
  • Ceramic disc valves that prevents the water from dripping.
  • Pop-up drain feature that lets the excess water drain out quickly without flooding the basin.
  • Takes up a large amount of space on the basin-head.

Ø One of the main reasons of this faucet being placed at No. 3 is that it takes up quite a bit of space on the basin-head, which could have been used otherwise used somehow, else. Apart from this, this faucet is too pricey as well for the likes of people who are genuinely interested in American Standard faucets.

Ø Keeping these things aside, there are no complaints from this product whatsoever, and customers have embraced with eyelids wide open, thanks to the chrome finish and the beautifully crafted design. The metal pop-up drain is a new addition to this faucet, which is a unique feature and has been missing in the faucets by American Standard.

Ø The pop-up drain does not let the excess water get stored, creating a dirty environment, and instead, with the intelligent design, drains all the water as soon as they are released from the mounted swivel.

Ø The porcelain is an expensive metal and is extremely essential when it comes to any product that comes in frequent contact with water. As a result, the cost also increases to manufacture this faucet, but has been beautifully incorporated in this faucet. The porcelain handle levers are brilliant to the eyes and are extremely easy to use, preventing any coating of rust, under any condition.

Ø The ceramic disc valves are also present in this faucet, which invariably prevents any water from dripping and getting wasted. It also ensures a smooth operation for the user and the lever does not get stuck after a few years of use. American Standard also guarantees that this product will not be subjected to any scratches and tarnishes even after years of use, thanks to the porcelain coating.

Ø The company is also providing matching shower valves and tub fillers to go with this faucet, to make your bathroom stand out from the rest.

4. American Standard Colony Soft Pull-down Kitchen Faucet

  • The high clearance for any utensils to fit under it, which can be washed in running tap water.
  • The metallic handle lever which ensures that no rust is formed even after splashes.
  • The flexibility which it offers with its adjustable pull-down levers and the pause feature.
  • The expensive price tag with no other additional benefits.
  • Only suitable for kitchen purposes due to lack of washroom-faucet features.

Ø American Standard has introduced its first pull-down faucet that is easy to use and is an extremely common technology that is used in most of the homes right now. As the name suggests, this faucet is made for kitchen purposes, but one may try and improvise on this by fitting it in their washrooms.

Ø The faucet has been design and crafted elegantly, though it lacks the feature of spraying out different types of water, as with the other models of American Standard. Having said that, there are some really good features that have been incorporated in this tap. The first one being the adjustable spray pattern that can be set by the user according to their wish. The pull-down spray can be adjusted and can be set a definite pattern to work. One can set it to work up or down for the water to flow slowly or maximize the output.

Ø There is also a pause feature which makes the flow of water stop immediately when you adjust the lever at a specific position. This done, the brass swivel spout is an important addition that somewhat justifies the price tag. The spout has been designed to handle heavy pressure of the water without spreading the supply too much.

Ø The metal lever handle is another addition that prevents the product from rust. This also gives it a premium look and is good for grabbing quite a few eyeballs. Supplied escutcheon is a hard to find and is expensive too. This faucet does not require the application of the same to be mounted on the basin-head, which according to the customers is a great advantage, because fitting a faucet on the basin-head can be an extremely difficult job without the right tools.

Ø The spout height of 342 mm with 8” clearance is decent enough for utensils to be washed directly under the running tap water. Since this faucet is made for kitchen purposes, it is extremely durable and easy to use, although it can be a little hard at times after rigorous use.

5. American Standard Colony Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with 1.5 gpm Aerator

  • The high clearance for utensils to fit under it easily.
  • The metallic finish of the handle levers which makes it rust-free.
  • Easy to fit without the use of costly tools.
  • The expensive price tag
  • The lack of some of the basic features to make it stand out the competition.

Ø This product is similar to that of the previous version of American Standard model, but the only difference is the addition of the 1.5 gpm Aerator, which pushes in more water than the standard model. They have had to shove down some of the key features and with the design being the normal one; this faucet is mainly limited to kitchen purposes.

Ø The pull-down spray has been the same the same features. One can adjust the spray pattern according to their needs and the smart pause feature is essential when you need to stop the flow at any given time.

Ø The metal handle has been incorporated and is essential and goes a long way to prevent rust from accumulating on the faucet.

Ø The 1.5 gpm Aerator is the finely finished mouth of the faucet that enables it to pass a larger amount of water through the spout, compared to its previous version. It is actually quite helpful since this faucet is mainly for kitchen purposes. Dishwashing requires a high and a powerful amount of water to rinse of all the germs and the leftover of the food. With the increase in the flow of the water with this version, this helps and justifies its own purpose for being kitchen oriented.

Ø The 8” inch clearance also allows the dishes to be fit under it easily for maximum efficiency of cleaning it under running tap water. Like the counterpart of this version, this faucet too can be mounted on the basin-head with and without the help of the supplied escutcheon.

Picking the Winner

Clearly, we see that the top spot has been deservedly bagged by the best Double Handle Laundry Faucet with its unique design and easy functionality. Though some of the others behind the race need quite a few improvements, they are all essential in their own way, highlighting ‘American Standard’. Choose wisely before investing in one.

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