Kingston Brass Faucet Reviews 2017

Kingston Brass has been a pioneer in the plumbing industry since a long time. They have been a path breaker since their inception in 1998. They have created a great customer base with the help of their quality products that aimed to create something new and give the customers a different experience. Innovative designs have been a prime concern for them and they have always tried to come up with something different when it has come to designing their products. Customer satisfaction has been their main aim and they have always addressed the grievances that their clients have come up with. It has helped them gain their confidence while continuously improving their products. Faucets have made our life a lot easier in the kitchen and the bathroom. It would have been very difficult to get our kitchen chores done and also has made it easy for us to bathe in our bathrooms. Kingston is committed in producing reliable and quality products which have made our chores a lot easier.

Kingston has a wide range of faucets. Let us take a look at the popular ones and you can choose between these according to your need and preference:

Top Kingston Brass Faucet Reviews 2017

#1 Kingston Brass KS4461BX

The Metropolitan designing that were first implemented in the early 1920s are brought back in this product. It helps to bring a sense of luxury and grandeur to your home. The ceramic disc cartige has been a great addition. The brass used in all Kingston products is of the highest quality. You do not have to do much to keep the brass in a good condition, just wiping it with a cloth and soap would be enough to restore its’ shine. It has an adjustable spread of 8 inches to 16 inches which gives a sense of flexibility. It has been built according to the compliance of the California Energy Commission Title.

What we like:

  • The designing of this product is a very attractive one and would surely catch the eye of a prospective buyer.
  • The fit and finish of the product feels of the highest quality.

What we do not like:

  • The cold water valve has leakage problem.
  • The cartidges are a cause of concern; they sometimes have fitting problems.

#2 Kingston Brass KS1275TXBS

Each of these products shares a similar look with its cross handle levers and a variety of hook shaped spouts. The 8” centerset faucet uses a brass sprayer and has two curved lever bodies that interconnect to form a long neck piece in the middle. The neck piece is then joined to the heritage spout. The brass has been acquired from the best place in Europe and it promises ultimate quality. It has been made in such a way so that it lasts for a long time. It is available in four different finishes and would help you coordinate your bathroom according to your preferred choices.

What we like:

  • The high quality brass is a huge advantage of this range of products from Kingston. Brass enhances the overall appeal and texture of your bathroom and kitchen. It has the old charm which gets blended with new technology hand in hand. It takes a lot to bring together the best material so that the customers can get nothing but the best. Europe produces the best brass from where qualified technicians of Kingston go about choosing the right kind of brass that can be put through the production process.
  • The four-hole installation technique is a new addition in this line of products. It has smoothened the process of fixing this entire setup. The set-up time has decreased and you do not need an expert to get things underway in this device.
  • It has manufactured keeping in mind the guidelines of the California Energy Commission Title 2.0.

What we do not like:

  • You have to buy additional attachments so that the product can be installed in the proper manner. Without those bits, it may not stand for a long time.
  • The handle of the faucet is a bit on the heavier side. So it would take time getting used to the functionalities of the handle.

#3 Kingston Brass KB8602

It is part of the royal collection and comes with an excellent finishing of brass. The brass is a durable product and the manufacturer’s reliability in delivering quality products adds to the advantage of people finding confidence in them. The colors are available in many shades so you get to choose the texture of your choice and which complements your household or kitchen in general. The installation process is very simple and the customers will not experience any difficulty in getting it installed. The 90 degree rotation control mechanism gives a lot of flexibility to the whole procedure. The cartidge can be washed again before you start using it afresh.

What we like:

  • The finishing of this product is done with great detailing which brings out the details in a subtle but different manner.
  • The customer service of Kingston is known all around. The benefits they provide to their customers and the ease at which they provide services is a thing to learn for the other manufacturers.

What we do not like:

  • Sometimes there are leakage issues from the sink.
  • The spout height of 2.8 inches from the sink causes problems sometimes.

#4 Kingston Brass KB1605PX

The porcelin handle in this product is a new addition. Kingston has always committed in delivering products which stand out in the crowd of similar products by competitors. The plumbing industry has seen a lot of manufacturers these days who are also trying their best to make a mark in the industry. But Kingston’s experience of so many years has made it possible for them to understand the pshyche of the customers and deliver according to the promises. The brass used is of the highest quality and every product is checked thoroughly based on certain standards before they are dispatched to the market. It does not come with a regular cartridge. Instead, it is fitted with a washer-less cartridge. A washer-less cartridge works in a different manner when compared to a normal cartridge. A washer-less cartridge is a single piece control unit that allows for opening and closing of the water supply from both hot and cold water. This product comes with such cartridges along with a double seal. The installation setup has a 4 inch central set which is very easy to get it going. You can read the instructions from the manual and then go about fixing this device. Trust me it is not that difficult as people say it is! The power of water flow on this faucet is clocked at a decent pace. The maximum speed has been recorded at 1.2 GPM or 4.5 LPM. The rate of flow of water is standard at 60PSI according to ASME standard. The product has been created keeping in mind the California Energy Commission Title 20.

What we like:

  • The shape of the faucet and the porcelin handles work hand in hand to give a great look overall.
  • The brushed finish helps to keep the cleaning work at minimum. Only a soft cloth and soap is enough to keep the brass clean and keep it shining. Do not rub the brass with a hard cloth or do not use chemicals to clean it.
  • The installation is an easy process. The plumbers do not need any help from the manual to fix this.  The drain works in a simple manner and do not clog or overflow.

What we do not like:

  • There have been complains that the faucet sometimes is incapable of stopping the flow of water. Even if you remove your hand and the sensor is unable to find any hand, then also the water keeps flowing. You need to contact the service center to get it fixed as soon as possible.
  • It is a bit loud so you have to tolerate the noise levels to some extent. It is loud when you compare it with other faucets.

#5 Kingston Brass KB1971AX

This is one of the most popular products from Kingston. It is a great mix of traditional and modern designs blended into one. All damages are covered by Kingston’s 10 year warranty and guarantee policy. The handles of this faucet is quite unique as it has been designed in a criss-cross manner which some people may like and some may not. The i/2” intel connections help to keep the flow of water in continuous mode. The quality of this range is totally unquestionable. Kingston uses the best of materials sourced from the best places around the world. The main ingredient i.e. brass has been put together from the best manufacturers of this metal in Germany. The color has been selected in such a manner that it can resist tarnishing. It is also a corrosion free paint. The 3-hole faucet is easy to be installed. The spout swivels is a great touch that changes the overall appeal of the product.

What we like:

  • The blending design works well for most clients.
  • The criss-cross handle adds a bit of innovation in this range of products.

What we do not like:

  • The nut that fixes the shaft underneath the faucet is too thin so fixing it is a hindrance.
  • The hot water tap is sometimes found to be on the stiffer side.

The faucets should be taken due care so that it maintains its look and strives to give the best performance for a long time. Take into account the best ways that can be considered to clean a faucet to keep it in good working condition. Take a damp cloth and soap and wash the faucet with it. Keep it for some time and then rub it off with a dry cloth. Do not use hard cleaners that would take the shine away from the faucet. You can also use furniture polish which would help in keeping the fit and finish of the product. It would reduce variations and protect the faucet from fingerprints. If you have hard water that runs down your faucet then you would need to invest a bit more time to keep the faucet in a good condition. The higher mineral count in a faucet would end up depositing mineral and lime on your faucet. You would need an abrasive cleaner to get rid of it.

The Kingston range of faucets is one of the pioneer products. The name is enough for customers to believe in the superb quality of these products. Amongst the range of products discussed above, choose the one which fits the bills according to your needs and requirement. Try to blend the color of the faucet according to the texture and décor of your home. The hassle free usage of faucets is making more people aware of their advantage and people are willing to invest in it. It prevents wastage of water which is a big cause of concern in today’s environmental issues. We can all contribute in this small manner towards the environment.

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