Vigo Faucet Reviews 2017

As far as new faucets are concerned, you’d have more than a tough time ahead of you trying to find any options better than the Vigo faucet solutions available on the market today.

After hours and hours of researching the available options on the market right now, really digging deep into not only the overall design and aesthetics of new faucets but also the engineering and utility of these critical fixtures as well, it’s our contention that Vigo faucets are some of the very best money can buy – and won’t threaten to break your bank account, either!

Check out our Vigo faucet reviews for more inside information!

At a glance – Highlighting our choices for the best Vigo faucet options

Below you are going to find condensed Vigo faucet reviews for what we feel are the three best options available from this company today.
Each and every one of these options are uniquely designed, perfectly engineered, and provide you with all of the utility you are looking for from a new high-end faucet without compromising the aesthetics of your design or your fixture budget.

The Edison Vigo faucet is one of the top options available today for those that want to make a real statement with the faucet they have installed in their kitchen. This is a very utilitarian looking piece with a bit of industrial style and flare as well, and the dual function pull down spray head with aerated flow or powerful jets gives you the performance you are after.

The Alexander is another top-notch option from Vigo, a cleaner and “traditional” look but in a beautiful stainless steel finish. This may look like a simple and straightforward kind of kitchen faucet, but inside of this relatively understated design is high and construction materials and top-notch engineering to give you the performance you expect from a high-end faucet for decades to come.

Finally, the Vigo Niko is going to look perfect in a bathroom that you are designing or remodeling, regardless of the design aesthetic or style you are shooting for. It has very clean, minimalist, and almost “neutral” lines that will complement any design style, and its high-end construction materials (including solid brass throughout with a high-end nickel finish) guarantees long-lasting durability you’d expect from an option like this.

Let’s dig a little bit deeper into our individual Vigo faucet reviews, shall we?

#1 VIGO Edison Single Handle Pull-Down Spray Kitchen Faucet

As far as we are concerned, there simply isn’t any better looking kitchen faucet available on the market today than the Vigo Edison kitchen faucet.

Beautifully designed using high-end construction materials and stainless steel finishes, the amazing thing about this rather elegant and industrial looking kitchen faucet is that it contains solid brass construction materials throughout to prevent corrosion and tarnishing while helping you fight back against mineral deposit buildups as well.

Utilizing a high intensity ceramic disc cartridge that has been tested to withstand at least 500,000 uses, this is exactly the kind of Vigo kitchen faucet you are going to be able to use for decades and decades to come – all with a design and style that isn’t ever going to go out of fashion.

The single lever utility gives you the opportunity to control temperature in a way that just isn’t possible when you have two different control mechanisms. Pumping out 1.8 gallons per minute, this is a relatively efficient kitchen faucet (though not the most efficient kitchen faucet) – a critical addition to homes these days.

What we like

  • You cannot beat the industrial design of the Vigo Edison faucet
  • Mounts effortlessly in all universal US plumbing systems
  • Manufactured out of the highest and construction materials available

What we didn’t like

  • The “gooseneck” design of the Vigo Edison may not be for folks with kitchen sinks with low clearance
  • Not everyone appreciates a single lever temperature control system
  • You’ll have a tough time integrating this faucet into a more traditional design

#2 VIGO Alexander Single Handle Pull-Out Spray Kitchen Faucet

Absolutely effortless to install, this particular Vigo faucet utilizes a single whole installation system but it also includes a three hole “platform” to cover up your sink in a clean and elegant way should you decide to purchase your faucet after multiple holes have already been drilled for your faucet.

Flexible, adaptable, and effortlessly utilitarian, the Vigo Alexander kitchen faucet isn’t exactly the most eye-catching or high-end looking kitchen faucet – but don’t judge this book by its cover!

Constructed completely out of solid brass throughout, and then covered in stainless steel construction materials (like most other Vigo faucets), this is a kitchen faucet unit that is going to last for years and years without any degradation in performance or aesthetics whatsoever.

Certainly more suited to classic or traditional kitchen designs, this Alexander faucet is also at home in minimalist and more contemporary looks as well. The high quality ceramic cartridge inside provides you with 500,000 uses while providing you with crystal clear water, and the single lever gives you complete water pressure and temperature control with a maximum flow rate of 1.8 gallons per minute.

What we like

  • Streamlined design will fit pretty much any kitchen aesthetic you are looking for
  • Single control arm for temperature and water pressure helps you multitask while using your kitchen sink
  • Solid brass construction gives you the kind of dependability you are looking for in these kinds of fixtures

What we didn’t like

  • The design could have been a little bit more eye-catching for those looking for a more “luxurious” appearance
  • The pullout spray module isn’t quite as powerful as other options from Vigo
  • The included ring plate isn’t the most eye-catching design fix if you don’t have a single whole kitchen sink to work with

#3 VIGO Niko Single Lever Vessel Bathroom Faucet

Specifically designed for bathroom sink installations, the Vigo Niko bathroom faucet is something really special and we had a great time testing out this product while writing up our Vigo faucet reviews.

Very simple, very straightforward, and very elegant in a way that a lot of other “minimalist” bathroom faucets just can’t pull off successfully, this particular option perfectly blends power, performance, price, and aesthetics into something really special.

Utilizing single hole installation (with all standard and universal US plumbing .375 inch connections), you’ll find this unit to fit any vanity or bathroom sink you are looking to install it in rather effortlessly. There’s also a single lever to control water temperature and water pressure, giving you a solution that keeps one hand free while you are cleaning up in the bathroom.

The water pressure is a little low (1.2 gallons per minute), but that’s to be expected when we’re talking about a bathroom sink option compared to kitchen faucet options. It’s also nice to see a high-end brand like this focus on water economy at a time like this.

What we like

  • It’s almost impossible to top the clean lines and beautiful elegance of the Vigo Niko bathroom faucet
  • Fully ADA compliant and with a lifetime warranty, you don’t have to worry about the durability of this faucet
  • Effortless installation using universal connection makes hooking up your new Vigo Niko faucet as easy and as quick as possible

What we didn’t like

  • This is a rather tall bathroom faucet (with an overall height of 10 ½ inches), which may be too tall for those that have some Guinean or flushmounted bathroom sinks
  • The price is a little bit on the higher side of things as far as bathroom faucets are concerned
  • The brushed nickel finish over the solid brass construction is nice, but could be nicer
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