How to Fix a Loose Toilet Paper Holder or Towel Rack

Almost all our modern day bedrooms have attached bathroom and we all want them to be utilitarian. Not only they ensure good hygiene but also you visit a bathroom just as frequently as you visit the kitchen. In the bathroom, a towel rack and a toilet paper holder are among the most important fixtures and if you don’t have them in your bathroom, install them today.

If you have a problem, such as the toilet paper holder has become loose against the wall, the situation will only worsen with time. So, it’s about time you fix it. Fortunately, it is very easy to do it yourself.

I have brought this step-by-step guide on how to fix a loose toilet paper holder or towel rack in order to enable you complete this small project yourself.


First of all, make a run to the nearest hardware store in order to gather all the supplies you will need. It is better to purchase everything in a single go, as it will save you both money and time. Check everything you will need for this project and make a list. Take that list along with you to the store and purchase whatever you have jotted down on it. You will need a couple of screwdrivers to remove the toilet paper holder hardware.

You are going to need:

  • Screwdrivers
  • A bit
  • Plastic Toggle Drywall Anchors package
    tools 2

The size of the anchors will determine the drill bit you have to use. It is different for different sizes of the anchor. I am using here 5/16th size bit.

Watch video here:

Now you are good to go.


The loose paper holder is next to the walls and it’s link with the wall is with screws through metal plates. These plates are under the metal castings, out of sight.STEP 1

Firstly, you have to remove the metal arms.

STEP 1.1

Remove the front bar and look under the two arms. There are two screws, one on each arm, holding it in place.

STEP 1.2


These screws usually require a flathead screwdriver to tighten or loosen them.


Start loosening and pull the arm off the mount.

STEP 2.1

Do the same with the other arm as well.

No need to remove the screw fully, just lower it half way in the housing.
STEP 2.2


With the metallic arms removed, you can see the root of the problem. You can see that even though the screws are tight against the dry wall anchors, the plate is still loose.

As dry wall is just dry powder pressed together with paper on each side, so after a long time of rolling of paper holder the plastic anchors start to wear away the inner side of the wall; thus, widening up the holes. This is the reason of loose mount plates.

step 3


The solution to this problem is to replace the plastic anchors with the ones, which are a bit more substantial and strong. The first and second figures show the old anchor and the third and fourth images show the anchor you have to install.


STEP 4.1

STEP 4.2

STEP 4.3


Use a screwdriver to unscrew the metal plates from the anchors hidden in the wall.
step 5

Remove the anchor once the plate is out of the way. Do the process with both the plates

STEP 5.1

Never try to remove the anchor with the screw still in place. The reason behind this is if the screw is still in place, the plastic arms of the anchor are open. If you pull it out like this, it will definitely widen the hole in the wall by breaking away some part of the wall.


Now, when you have removed the old hardware, drill out the four holes with the 5/16th size drill bit or the one that goes with your new anchors size.

STEP 6.1


Install the new anchors. Simply fold them in middle and push them into the hole. It is important to push them in all the way.


STEP 7.1


Now there is a pin in the anchor package. Use it to pop out the butterfly wings of the anchor in the insides of the wall.


STEP 8.1

STEP 8.2

Do it will all  the four anchors.

STEP 8.3

This step is reinstalling the plates on the new anchor with screws. Use a drill machine to speed up your work.


STEP 9.1

STEP 9.2

STEP 9.3

STEP 10:

With the plates back in place, sturdy and steady, it’s time to reinstall the holder. Place back the arm on the plate and fix it using a flat head screwdriver. Do the same for the other arm as well.

STEP 10.1

Put the toilet tissue roll back in the rod and fix the two ends of the rod in the holes on each of the metal arm. Try rolling the tissue roll now. This time only the roll will move and the holder will stay sturdy in its place. Your work is complete. You can repair a loose toilet rack/bar in the same way, following the same steps as I have mentioned here. Enjoying using a trouble-free toilet paper holder!



If you are looking for such updates to your bathroom, keep on visiting this site and reading my blogs. I am sure you will find them interesting and easy enough to do at home. If you are a DIY type of person, this is surely your thing. Why waste money on a plumber when you can handle it yourself in a far more economical and fun way. No matter how difficult they may seem, domestic projects are easy enough to fulfill with some knack of skills and quick working.

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