How to Fix A Leaky Shower Head as The Best One

As a matter of the fact that there will be a numerous troubles to your shower system we will have to face when it is considered the most useful households appliance serving for hygiene purpose in the whole day. Beside of some problems of being broken or dust, we also have to face with the most common one is a leaking shower head. A leaking shower head is a phenomenon that your shower head has one or a lot of holes that allow liquid to escape unexpectedly.

Replacing a new shower head is so easy to carry out, but sometimes, this is not a good solution for the family without money. Thus, you should consider whether it can still work well if we fix it or not. The reparation process is not too difficult. Let’s take a closer look at these following steps to fix your leaking shower heard by your own.

Step 1: Check and determine the reason causing the leaky phenomenon

A leaky shower head can be made by a variety of reasons. They are not just in the proper shower head. They may be in the worn rubber washer or the malfunctioning diverter as well as malfunctioning cartridge valve.

Have you identified where the reason is in your shower system?

Now, we will move slowly one by one reason and the method to fix your leaky shower head together!

Leaky Shower Head

Step 2: On the process

Reason 1: in the shower head – Unclogging the holes in the shower head

Having clogs in the shower head is considered as one of the most familiar reasons of leaky phenomenon. How can we deal with it?

  • Turn off or cut all the water supply resources to your shower head system

The water supply resource may be direct connected to the bath room or through the valves in your house. You will certainly know your water supply system as your right hand.

  • Remove the clogs in the holes on the surface of the shower head

Like the way you clean a shower head, to unclogging the holes you can use the support of white vinegar by putting the shower head into a plastic bag of vinegar and waiting until all the dust removed. In addition, you can also remove the shower head and shower arm, then oak and scrub into the soap liquid to clean the dust clinging in the holes and on the surface of the shower head.

  • Use some toothpicks to remove the debris

After all the dirt has dissolved, use some toothpicks to get the debris out.

  • Reinstall all parts properly and then turn on the water supply to check where the leaky is fixed or not.


Reason 2: in a worn rubber washer – Replace the new one

If the worn rubber washer in your shower system cracks, water runs through the cracks and makes your shower head leaky. In this case, the best solution is to replace the new rubber washer.

  • Like the process of unclogging, turn off the water supply first.
  • Identify the leaky in the hot valve or cold valve

If your shower has two hand temperature adjustment controls, you need to determine where the leaking comes from. Turn off the water is a way for you to check easily.

  • Replace the rubber washer

To replace the rubber washer, you need to remove the shower head and the showers arm a part. You will find a collar nut playing a role of attaching the shower head and shower arm. Thus, you need to use a wrench to remove the nut out of these two parts.

Take a closer look beneath the shower head; you will see the rubber washer. When you identify it, get the old one out and then replace the new one.

In case, your shower head is two – handle one, the process of replacement will be carried on the shower faucet. To unscrew the faucet handle (remember to identify the hot and cold handle), use a knife to lift the cover cap. Remove parts covering the faucet and then you can replace the rubber washer.

  • Install all parts in a proper order and then turn on the water supply to check the blow.

Reason 3: Valves – Clean or replace valves

If the reason doesn’t lie in the clogs on the holes or in the rubber washer, it may be because the valves.

There are two kinds of valves you need to consider, including: malfunctioning diverter as well as malfunctioning cartridge valve

Check and identify what they need to be cleaned or replaced the new ones.

  • Turn off the water supply
  • If the valves need to be cleaned, loosen and unscrew the valves of the shower faucet handles, then use vinegar and a brush to clean all dust around the valves.
  • If you find some cracks in the valves, of course, you need to assemble the parts carefully and replace the new ones if it is possible.
  • After cleaning or replacing the valves, reassemble all parts of the shower faucet handles in a proper order.
  • Turn on the water supply and check whether your shower head works well or not.


In conclusion, there are a lot of troubles we may encounter of a shower head and obviously the causes without any exception. It is hard for us to identify the exact ones. I just offer you some reasons above among the thousand reasons. In my opinion, these are the most outstanding ones. Hope the information I suggested may be helpful for your purpose.

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