The Best Ways To Increase Water Pressure in Your Shower Head

increase low water flow rate in showerFeeling of waiting one by one drop out of the shower head is not such a satisfied bathing moment that we have ever experienced in our daily life, isn’t it? Have you ever encountered the similar cases yet? Do you know why your shower head goes wrong though even when you have just replaced a new and high-qualified one? So what happened with your shower head water system?

Actually, that is a problem of an ineffective shower head usually occurs during the process of usage, which conveys an unexpected and slow flow as mentioned. With a low water pressure shower head, it not only makes you feel exhausted but also wastes your valuable time to do another work. Thus, it’s time to fix it!

There will be a variety of ways to turn a low pressure shower head into a perfect one spraying out strongly. The key suggestions as below may help you to have an effective water flow as you want.

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1. Identify the core reasons causing the slow water pressure

In order to fix a shower head with a weak flow, the significant precondition you need to focus on is to identify exactly what reasons causes this problem. Actually, there are can be mentioned in a huge list. Yet, some of the common ones can’t be forgotten are the presence of flow restrictors, dirty shower head or water volume.

Now, we will analyze one by one common reason in detail as well as how to fix it. Then, surely, you will make your mind to have a especially appropriate solution to increase water pressure in your shower head.

2. On the process

  • #1 Removing flow restrictors

Flow restrictors play as a supporter of users to decrease the water flow and avoid wasting water. Therefore, most of families consider using the flow restrictors for their shower head as a perfect choice.

Nevertheless, if, one day, you found its inconvenience, what should we do? Now it’s time to remove them out of the shower head system.

How to remove a flow restrictor

  • Materials and tools

To remove the restrictors easily and safely, pliers, a pipe wrench and rag are the indispensable tools.


  • Turn off all water supply resources and switch
  • Wrap the rag around the shower head, and then use pliers and a wrench to remove one by one part in the shower head
  • Check whether there are any restrictors inside the shower head or not.
  • Apparently, remove them immediately and set up all parts again properly.
  • Turn on the valves and check the speed of flow

Without flow restrictors, your shower head will be certainly improved. Let enjoy your bath!


#2 Replacing an amplifying shower head

In some locations, water pressure going through the water system and conveyed into the houses is such a slow one so that to own a strong water pressure we should consider replacing a new amplifying shower head with the help of water conservation and water velocity increase.

Have you ever thought about this problem?

#3 Cleaning up the dirty shower head

Chemicals such as Calcium and magnesium in water aren’t mostly treated tightly, which makes the shower head covered with scaly deposits. Moreover, trash or dust clinging full of the showerhead for a long using time can also be reasonable to make water blow jammed. Remove one by one part of the shower head to check whether it should be cleaned or not.


Use the efficient support of detergents, lemon or white vinegar; soak all parts in 30 minutes and then carry out brushing and washing them. The water pressure will be stronger as you expect.

  1. Check and adjust the water supplier valves

One more reason you may forget is the water supplier valves. If the gate valve cannot open fully, the water flow as well as the force may be restricted. Open and adjust the valves or contact with the water suppliers to increase the water pressure in your shower head.


With the experiences as above, I hope you will deal with the low water pressure more quickly and effectively. Enjoy your bathing moments with a satisfied shower head.

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