How To Replace a Shower Head By Your Own Easily

One of household appliances used most of time for all washing hygiene activities is a shower system, in specific, a shower head. You take bath with a shower head. You wash your hand or get the water for cooking with a shower head. You always need a help of the shower. So, with the frequency as mentioned, your shower head usually gets the risk of being rusted or turning into old, which leads the less effectiveness or even, sometimes, it doesn’t work anymore.  Have ever had trouble like this, when you meet this problem, how can you deal with it? Replacement may be useful at this time!

It will be easy for a plumber to do the replacement. How about you? You aren’t a plumber, what will you do?

Don’t worry if you are just a normal household. In this article, I will move slowly one by one step to guide you how to replace a shower head by yourself. Hope this can help you save money and have a perfect shower.

Step 1: Prepare for a replacement – Knowledge, material and tools

As a matter of fact, this is known well as the most necessary step in the process of replacement. Using only your hands is not a good and safe idea to replace a shower head so that what you have to prepare is your basic background knowledge about the constructions of the shower head and some necessary devices as well as supporting tools.

The knowledge you should know about a shower head system is that includes 2 main parts including a shower arm and a head and a lot of holes on the surface of the shower, which is useful for your replacement process.

Some devices and tools may be:

  • A new shower head
  • Screwdriver for unscrewing the shower head
  • Clothes for supporting the twisting process
  • Tape

Step 2: Turn off the water system

After finishing the preparation, let’s carry out the process!

Turn off the water system by locking all valves supplying water and wait until the water in the shower head goes away.

Step 3: Remove the shower head

You can try removing the shower head by hands. However, sometimes, it may be very hard to loosen the shower head so that you need to use the support of a screwdriver and clothes.

Use clothes and wrap around the shower arm. Then, use screwdriver to turn the shower head counter clockwise to unscrew.

When the shower head is removed, the next thing we should do is to clean up the water system by wiping or getting the trash out of the shower head, shower arm and in the holes on the shower head surface (read the article clean a shower head effectively to get more information). In addition, you can let water run freely within from 4 – 5 minutes until all dust run away.

Step 4: Stick the tape around the shower arm

To make sure that the connection of the shower head and shower arm is stable, you need to stick tightly the tape about 3 turns around the shower arm in a clockwise direction. One kind of tape you can use is Teflon tape, which helps the remaining ability be more effective.

Step 5: Attach the new shower head into the system

When everything is ready, it is time to attach the new shower head into the shower system. This is a very important step during the process so that you need to pay attention and carry out properly. Use your hands to replace the new shower head into the shower arm with tape around and then twist it in the clockwise direction. Notice the proper position of the shower head. To tighten the shower head and shower arm, you should use clothes and supporting tools and do the same action as when you unscrew the shower head. Use unscrew driver to adjust the shower head in order to place it into a proper position.

This step can be applied for most of shower heads including fixed showerheads and hand-held showerheads as well.

Step 6:  Reinstall spare parts into the system

After place the shower head into the shower arm, we need to reinstall the set into the shower system. You may remove some spares parts in the process of cleaning so that you have to make sure that reinstall them into the proper order.

Step 7: Check the new shower

After all, you need to turn on water or unlock the valves of water system to check whether the shower work well or not.

Every step is very simple and easy to carry out. Don’t be afraid of making it broken. Try to replace by yourself, a perfect new shower replaced will make your life more meaningful. Right now, after finishing this reading, you obviously become a plumber! Congratulation!

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